Customer Service Excellence

The YRM Consulting Group has developed this powerful training to give your staff more than just the foundation on providing good customer service.  It will give them the motivation, desire and ownership to satisfy your customers with excellence.

The goals of this training are:

  • Know why providing good customer service is critical

  •  Build a model describing excellent and awful customer service

  •  Determine customers' standards for customer service excellence

  •  Establish specific behaviors that will assure increased customer satisfaction

  •  Use positive words, tone and body language with customers

  •  Do five critical behaviors to ensure customer will have a good impression of your business

  •  To get "buy-in" and improve ones level of customer service

We cover...

  • Responding promptly and properly

  • Listen actively to customer needs 

  • Recognize and eliminate barriers to satisfying your customers

  • The key skills required for dealing with difficult customers

  • Solving the customer's problem

  • The universal importance of greeting customers: smiling, listening, evaluating customer needs and responding appropriately.

  • The impact that great customer service has on the customer as well as themselves