Community Engagement, Brokering, & Collaboration

Engaging with a community means developing personal relationships with leaders or other representatives of that community, understanding the needs, desires, and characteristics of that community, and making your research needs more understandable and acceptable to these communities.

The YRM Consulting Group developed this training to help professionals understand and evaluate the importance of community engagement.  The training will provide a conceptual framework, specialized tools, interpersonal skills and technical skills necessary to accomplish community-building goals. This content area will enable participants to:

  • Serve as an agent for change in their community;
  • Implement strategic and entrepreneurial approaches to community challenges;
  • Recognize the impact of increasing social and economic diversity;
  • Understand the role that race and class play in community development;
  • Recognize institutional barriers that can prevent fair asset distribution;
  • Develop useful coalitions with organizations and residents at the grassroots level;
  • Measure the impact of community work;
  • Plan and implement an organizing campaign; and
  • Work with, energize and lead volunteer efforts.