Vicarious Trauma & Resilience

It is not uncommon for  trauma may also be transferred from a client/patient those providing support to those individuals.  This is called secondary trauma.  Providers may experience thoughts and feelings similar to the individuals to whom they provide services. Secondary trauma can have significant health consequences for providers. 


This workshop is designed to offer providers with an understanding of the potential impact of secondary trauma on their professional and personal lives. Activities and strategies will be provided to increase providers’ ability to identify when they are experiencing vicarious trauma and tips to minimize its impact and strengthen their resiliency.

Learning Objectives:  At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

Ø       Define trauma, PTSD and vicarious trauma;

Ø       Be able to articulate the potential impact of trauma and trauma triggers on individuals (and/or families) quality of life;

Ø       Become familiar with current trauma research & treatment modalities;

Ø       Identify the spectrum of signs, symptoms and behaviors that may present themselves as a result of living through or being a “witness” to another’s traumatic experience(s); and,            

Ø       Develop self-care plan to assure healthy boundaries and resiliency.