Loss & Bereavement

Grief is defined as the primarily emotional/affective process of reacting to the loss of a loved one through death. Normal or common grief reactions may include components such as: numbness and disbelief and anxiety from the distress of separation. A process of mourning often accompanied by symptoms of depression.

The YRM Consulting Group designed this training to explore loss, bereavement, grief counseling skills and the factors that influence the nature of grief and the bereaved person´s unique responses. Participants will learn about common and uncommon grief reactions and behaviors in both children and adults, assessment, physical and secondary loss, types of grief, basic tasks of grief, traumatic loss, self-awareness, the importance of ritual and effective interventions for healing. 

This training explores and equips participants to:

  • Identify different types of grief and how to appropriately counsel for each type.
  • Discuss common and uncommon grief reactions, patterns and behaviors.
  • Identify effective skills and interventions that can be applied immediately with grieving clients.
  • Identify the factors that influence grief and bereavement.
  • Recognize and differentiate between child and adult grief reactions.
  • Examine the needs of the mourning child.
  • Explain how personal attitudes and self-awareness can be influential in understanding the grieving process.