Domestic Abuse and Violence
Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, is reaching epidemic proportions and affects men, women and children of all races and all social and economic levels. The YRM Consulting Group has developed this training to help participants understand what triggers domestic abuse and how to prevent becoming a victim of domestic violence/abuse.
Course topics will include:
  • What is domestic violence?

  • Who are the victims?

  • Recognizing the signs of domestic violence.

  • Why victims stay with abusers.

  • How to help victims of domestic abuse.

  • What the police and courts can and can't do, and navigating their boundaries. 

  • Safety measures to help ensure the victim and children are safe and free from the abusive situation.

  • Escape plans for those who need to flee an abusive situation.

  • Understanding the options in case of an emergency.

  • Short-term and long-term effects of domestic abuse. 

  • Stopping the cycle of abuse. 
  • How to move on and build healthy relationships after abuse.