Time Management

This training will assist workers to consider the issues and factors impacting on effective time management. Many workers are faced with crisis response work or unplanned events in the daily scheme of things. How do we allocate, prioritize and fulfill our responsibilities within systems that are not always flexible with time management options? When was the last time you received supervision, attended professional development, allocated planning time, and/or debriefing time? How do you prioritize tasks when clients are knocking down the door or demanding on the phone?

The workshop will be fun, and practical with scenarios relevant to work roles. Specific outcomes:

  • Able to implement self planning and prioritizing processes in the workplace

  • Able to encourage organizational development of effective time management

  • Use self reflection process to review and modify time management strategies

  • Able to identify the strengths within organizations that will aid effective time management

  • Able to use a range of time management strategies and tools and to share these with co workers