Leadership, Management & Supervision

This training will provide managers and team leaders with the knowledge and skills development required to enhance their leadership abilities in both the internal and external environment in which they operate. Through practical application through exercises and case studies, participants will have the opportunity to fine tune their skills and apply the skills development directly to the workplace. This program aims to provide the opportunity for participants to identify their own leadership strengths, styles and areas for development. A leadership development plan would ensure participants continue to reflect on and refine their development in the workplace.

Specific content covered in the training includes:

  • Increased ability to lead and manage to achieve outcomes

  • Enhanced knowledge and skills in strategic thinking and planning

  • An awareness of the role of leader as a change agent and catalyst

  • Increased emotional awareness and competence in self and others

  • Enhanced awareness and skills in relation to building a highly effective team

  • The ability to lead and inspire others to achieve these organisational outcomes and goals

  • Greater self awareness in relation to leadership style strengths and areas for development